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A reflective thought.

A good comment for now.

Being together while being apart .. this is a way to share.

It is indeed a time for mindfulness and reflection, not just about our own health but about those who may be potentially more at risk. Take care of your own health and that of others.

Signs of hope! Let’s think of ways to show joy and to reconnect even as we find ourselves challenged! 😃

Helping connect this week’s reading with our world today...

An interesting read.

Some ways of caring for each other while being careful of our health.

Something to practice? 🙂

Nothing to do? Why not be inspired?

We need to consider how we care for the health of everyone. Interesting thoughts.

Be interesting to share stories and ideas.

This was yesterday but something to remember every day.

A great diagram showing how the church year fits together.

A different way to consider Lent.

An interesting recount of a weekend focussed on the future. New thinking, new learning.

Powerful words, powerful actions.

Something different but good!

Love the idea of coffee to start - and singing!

Sometimes it’s not until we stop, look and listen that we hear the still small voice. Making time for a quiet mind is important.

Something amusing!😂😂😂

The ongoing support needed is enormous. Much will be invisible, some will be ‘in disguise’ and some will be in our face. What can we offer?

Staying silent makes us complicit. So important that our voices are clear and our actions follow.

Today we remembered, reflected and responded. How will we enact our thoughts?

A reminder of our role in the wider community- what we can offer as Christian community. How will we offer the abundant life and love of Jesus; how will we advocate for those who are suffering - how will we enact our discipleship?