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Here’s a challenge- live the change!

Synod 2021 will be different and exciting. Do you know a young person who would be ready to shape our future?

A reflection for when you’re feeling down, or challenged or unsure. God is love.

Something to join in with.

Looking for a meaningful way to pass the peace in worship, in language rather than symbolically? Here is a link from the vic tas UCA website for passing the peace in Auslan. Try it this Sunday!💙

Season of creation- time to really think about God’s beautiful world.

A resource for worshipping from home.

This is an interesting way to think about how we do things.

Watching this introduces us to a way of looking at the world around us differently.

Something to reflect on. What does it suggest to you about our lives?

Where is church for you?

How do you read the bible? An interesting comment on the way we all read differently and a reminder that sharing how we read is a part of being within a community of the faithful.

A reflection to ponder on.

We are pleased to announce that worship will recommence this Sunday 5th July 9.30am at the Mudgee Uniting Church. There will be strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place and a limit to 39 people in the building. Singing will also not be allowed as it is high risk. Communion will be celebrated in a non contact manner. At this time there will be no morning tea following the service. We would love to see you at church but ask that if you are not feeling well you stay at home, for the safety of all of our members and friends, and join one of the many Uniting Church online services available.

Isn’t it wonderful when we manage restriction with a good dose of creative humour! 😃

This week is a celebration of 43 years of the U it if Church- an Australian Church for all of us.

We can’t sing yet - here’s an explanation.

Interesting conversations and thoughtful questions. Great way to spend sometime on a Sunday.

Worshipping across the Uniting Church!

Difficult though it is to remain patient there are so many risks to opening our spaces again. Loving our neighbours ... stay patient.

We have been sharing and connecting and helping each other . Last night as we met to plan it was clear that we weren’t closed . New ways of worshipping are emerging. New life and energy. Praise God!

This Sunday is Pentecost. Here is something to watch.

This reminds us that we are church - that whileever we love, connect, care for each other we are the church, whether that be on line, by phone, by letter.

How can we continue to worship outside the building as well as in it? Raises lots of questions about the way we have worshipped in the last weeks.

Take a breath and reflect on these. Out of this time of change are you feeling a new level of faith?

A very Interesting read that could lead to some valuable discussion. What will ‘church’ look like at the end of this time? What are we learning? How are we growing?