Our Spaces

  • Hiring our Spaces

    Mudgee Uniting Church hires its hall out for casual occasions as well as for ongoing hire. 

    Please email mudgee@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au

    The hall has a well equipped kitchen, two spaces, tables and chairs and access to an outside verandah that is well shaded. The backyard is fenced off.

    Rylstone Uniting Church hires its hall out for casual and ongoing use.
    Please email Rylstone Uniting Church

  • Renting a Carpark

    Mudgee Uniting Church rents a limited number of car parking  spaces for the use of local businesses. 

    Rent for one day a week, a full week, the time you need the space. Know that you will always have somewhere t park your car! %uFEFF

    Contact Mudgee Uniting Church  for information. 

Common Functions

  • About Weddings

    We welcome all inquiries for weddings - our church is a beautiful, light space and we are happy to share this time of celebration with you.

    If you wish to find out more, or to book a date for a wedding at either Mudgee or Rylstone Uniting Churches, please contact us on 

    Or call Rev. Greg Smith on 0429 916 191
  • About Funerals

    We work with local funeral directors to provide a personal service for all funerals. Funeral arrangements can be made by contacting the Ministry teams. See details on the contact page, or email us on mudgee@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au or rylstone@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au
  • About Baptisms/Blessing Services 

    We are happy to talk to you about baptism, or blessing services for your baby, children or yourself. Baptisms or blessings are held as part of a church service, supported by the full congregation.  

    Dates for Baptisms/Blessings can be made by contacting  the Ministry teams at either mudgee@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au or rylstone@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au.

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Mudgee Hall

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