About our Lay Ministry Team

  • Mudgee

    The Mudgee Lay Ministry Team is made of 10 congregational members.   The team plans and leads worship;  meets regularly to consider our mission, addresses pastoral and everyday concerns and celebrates our life as a congregation in the Mudgee community.  

    The team is elected for 2 year term by the congregation. 

  • Southern Cudgegong

    The Southern Cudgegong Lay Ministry Team is made of  8 congregational members.  The team meets monthly, sharing ideas for their worship and community activities with support from the Resource Minister in developing their skills.

    The team is elected for a 2 year term by the congregation.

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About Our Worship

  •  Who are we?

    We are pilgrim people, walking together to discover the wonder of God's love for all of us. 

    We worry, feel anxious, have amazing joy in our hearts, bear great sorrow and ask the big questions. 

    We feel rushed, too busy, frightened by things happening in the world, and confused by the many mixed messages, the power of social media and the way people are excluded or poorly treated. 

    We stand for peace, for love, for open heartedness and justice. 

    We are the Uniting Church - a congregation in the community of Mudgee wanting to live as Jesus would have us live. 

    Everyone is welcome, and we invite you to join us. 

  • We welcome you to join us as we journey with God, striving to love and serve the community.

  • What does our community need?

    We are wanting to find ways to support and contribute to our community - helping families, children, our senior citizens and others who live in our communities of Mudgee and Rylstone. Who are the groups who are struggling? What is it they need? How can we bring relief, support, encouragement to make life easier? 

    If you would like to make suggestions, or have an idea to try contact us as mudgee@mudgeerylstoneuniting.org.au. All ideas are welcome.